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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spinel Sun from Cardcaptor Sakura

I asked my friend to request something for her very belated Christmas present (Still haven't given it to her yet :X). She came up with Spinel after some debate, so I had to find a pattern...I had trouble finding suitable ones online, so I had to base my pattern off one of my stuffed animals. It worked out pretty well though, eh?

I'm taking commissions if you'd like a doll of some sort, so send me an email if you're interested and read my COMMISSION INFO HERE.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Morpheus...aka Dream of the Endless

Like Neil Gaiman? Perhaps heard of The Sandman? Anyway, it's a great comic book series that you should take a look at if you haven't already. It's a bit old, but it's still cool, yo.

It's hard to find decent plushies of Morpheus, so I made my own! I like it when he wears casual clothing, so that's why he's wearing them. His hair is very light and sways to the wind's every whim.

I'm taking commissions if you'd like a doll of some sort, so send me an email if you're interested and read my COMMISSION INFO HERE.

Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel

Yes, it is Bill Kaulitz, androgynously beautiful singer of Tokio Hotel, as he appears in the music video Durch Den Monsun. Before anyone asks me to make them a Bill, I'm sorry, no Bills will be created. I'm a cruel woman. I want Bill to be impressed when I show him my Bill doll and then have him sign it. If one of y'all goes up to him with one of my dolls before I do, then he won't be as impressed when he sees mine. Yeah, it's like that.

Anyway, his hair was probably the most annoying to do. The jeans gave my fingers a rough time as well, but now that I have a sewing machine, jeans are no longer a problem! If I could do him over, I would give him girlier eyes.

I'm taking commissions if you'd like a doll of some sort, so send me an email if you're interested and read my COMMISSION INFO HERE.

Hatsuharu Sohma from Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a manga by Natsuki Takaya. In my opinion, its selling point is the many bishies that appear and turn into animals when hugged by someone of the opposite gender.

I chose to do Haru since he's my 2nd favorite character and I already own a plush of my 1st fave character. (Btw, he is the cow/ox of the Chinese Zodiac). This was my first serious attempt at making a plushie worthy of selling and technically the second human doll I had ever made. I think I'm a natural!

His clothes, eyes, and mouth are made out of satin. The hair is anti-pill fleece. The skin is 100% polyester nude jet set. You can see he often makes that facial expression.

I'm taking commissions if you'd like a doll of some sort, so send me an email if you're interested and read my COMMISSION INFO HERE.


Are you a science nerd? Do you know one? One who likes volcanoes? If you answered Yes, then please take a good hard look at this wonderful creation:

Yes, you can have your very own volcano plush (or give it to your science nerd friend). I have found myself cuddling with it during the lonely hours of the night (I mistook it for my fish). Anyway, it is 5.5 inches tall and made of anti-pill fleece. Note that I'm not selling mine, I'm making a new one for you :P So send me an email if you're interested. They're only $10! Click here for COMMISSION INFO

Commission Information! (now CLOSED)

COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED!!! Ignore what it says down there. For more information, click HERE.

Hello y'all! This is my official blog to make myself known! I am somewhat new in the world of plush-making, but find that I'm quite good at it. Therefore, I would like to let it be known that I am taking commissions. (Please see my Deviantart site for my work.)


I am open to trying new things, but at the moment, I am mostly interested in making big-headed plushies (like the dolls you see on my site). I do NOT do robots (Iron Man, Transformers, etc.), muscles on the arms/legs, and nude/sexually explicit plushes. I will most likely NOT do political/religious figures, but I may make an exception based on the character.

I will need you to send reference pictures in COLOR: a full head-to-toe front image, back image, closeup of their face, and any other pictures that you find necessary for me to know what you want.

Now here is the interesting part -- PRICING.
One human/humanoid doll (14 inches) is $80 USD right now! That's a pretty swell price for the amount of work and detail I put in :D You will find that my prices are still very competitive among other plushie artists as well.

If you'd like a smaller size, it's $30 for 8 inches, $50 for 10 inches, and $70 for 12 inches. These are base prices though. If your plushie has elaborate parts/costumes, I may have to charge more. Right now I'm willing to indulge people, as I am new, so try me out! Also, there will be discounts if you buy more than one plush.

Keep in mind that my dolls tend to have at least one removable article of clothing and have faces that are carefully drawn and painted by hand. Furthermore, great care is taken into the choosing of the fabrics for these dolls. I try to match them as closely as possible. A high-quality microsuede is used for their skin and fleece for the hair.

+$5 if you want poseability (Note: This is just basic posing, so don't expect too much.)
+$3 if magnets are to be put in the hands.
$6 for the shipping of the first doll (in the US). $11 for two dolls. $14 for three dolls. And it gets cheaper the more plushies you buy.
I do shipping to other countries, but I have not determined prices yet.
+$2 if you want insurance. (It is NOT my responsibility if your package gets lost or damaged.)

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms on this page and are bound by them legally. I will reserve the right to post your commission in my gallery and wherever else I please. You are allowed to do the same.

If you commission a plushie from me, you CANNOT use it for commercial use or reproduction. (That would just be rude and evil.) You can note me if you want to discuss a prototype for mass production.

I accept Paypal, Money Orders, and Cashier's Checks. If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me an email at or send me a note on deviantart with the following:

1. Name of the character(s) and name of the series they are from
2. Front and back head-to-toe reference pictures and a close-up of their face in color
3. The size that you would like in inches.
4. Details that you would like to be included (please be specific)
5. Your location (Name of the state you live in, if in the US, OR name of the country, if outside the US)
6. The paying method that you will use (Paypal, Money Order, Cashier's Check).

Your pictures must be clear and a good size. Also, tell me what facial expression the plush should have and the color of their eyes. Don't assume that I already know the character unless I've already made a plush of them. Even then, I will still need photos to know what outfit they should be wearing and such.

When emailing me, please have the Subject be something like "Plushie Commission" or "Plushie Request." I will try to get back to you within a day or two.

-When paying me, please include a note saying who you are and what you ordered.
-I will NOT send a plush out if it has not been paid in full. I would like to be paid first before beginning the plush, of course. If that really isn't possible, then we can discuss payment plans. I am not giving out any free plushies! (I am poor and unemployed)
-After payment is done and I have finished your order, then I will email you photos of the plushies for last minute suggestions and to let you know that they are done. Then I will have you confirm your shipping address and once that's done, your order will be on the way to your home!
-You cannot cancel your order unless I haven't even begun. If I've already started, then you're just going to have to accept your order and understand that your money will NOT be refunded.
-I will only use my patterns and my fabrics.
-The fabrics and stuffing I use are hypo-allergenic and safe. But if you have a special allergy to a certain fabric, you should tell me.
-Please remember that these are for collections and display only. They are not children's toys (meaning they are for ages 13+). That also means no pulling and/or twisting of limbs, torsos, or heads!

And that concludes the INFO session. Remember, I don't like scammers, so don't even try. I will form a Blacklist if I have to!