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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth

Note: Labyrinth copyright belongs to Henson, Froud, Lucas, etc.

I never really had it in my plans to make a Jareth plush and I wasn't quite sure what pushed me to make one suddenly. I guess I wanted to make the best Jareth plush out there so people would notice me. Maybe I can even get a company to want me to help make a plush, you know, do a commercial order. I'd quite like that.

Well, back to the point. Labyrinth is my favorite movie. When I rediscovered it at age 17, I fell in love with Jareth. I would photoshop myself next to him--that was how much I adored him--and I would try to get all my friends to watch this movie and persuade my best friend to find David Bowie sexy as well (remember that's 17-yr-old me!). I went absolutely crazy over Mr. Bowie. I rented movies with him in them, I bought all kinds of merchandise, watched all of his music videos, not to mention I dreamt about him all the time. Now I'm 23 and a lot more calmed down. Although if I were on Deal Or No Deal and I was down to the $300,000 and $500,000 suitcases and they offered me a chance to sit down in David Bowie's home and have a cup of tea with him and a signed autograph instead of taking the money, I would take the deal. For real. I would do almost anything to see him in concert. But alas, one should not babble on about this.

Anyway, so the plush. What to say? The most challenging part was the hair. Layers upon layers of hair. Probably too many layers. The eyebrows and makeup took a pretty long time as well. The other parts weren't too difficult, but I also chose the simplest costume. He is easily poseable, so that is good.

As much as I'd like for everyone to have a Jareth plush, I unfortunately can't let him be part of the $60 sale. Jareths will be sold at $80-$120. Why? For one thing, his hair and eyes/eyebrows take a very long time to do. Secondly, his costumes are often elaborate and I most certainly hope no one commissions me to do costumes 1, 3, and 5* (Of course I will do these, but they will also be more expensive). Lastly, he is one of my most favorite characters ever and therefore deserves to be sold at a higher price. If you think this price is crazy expensive, well, remember that this is a 16-inch-tall plushie with poseable limbs and other plushie artists tend to sell such dolls at much higher prices. I can do smaller Jareths for a lower price. 10" will be the smallest size and they will be $65-$105. These prices do not include shipping. Shipping in the US will be $7 for one plush (since these plushies are bigger than the usual and therefore heavier). $12 for two, and shipping gets cheaper the more you buy. Add $2 for insurance (optional). If you're still interested, leave a comment and read my other COMMISSION INFO HERE

*Costume #s:
1: When Jareth first appears in Sarah's house = $120
2: Magic Dance outfit = $80
3: When Jareth gives Hoggle the peach = $100
4: Ballroom scene outfit = $100
5: Within You outfit = $120
6: Thirteenth Hour outfit = $90


  1. I'd like a 16 inch 'Dance magic outfit' Jareth plushie. How much for shipping to Australia?

  2. It's $30 for Priority Mail. It's $12 for First Class, but I don't know if my package would actually apply to that. I'd have to ask sometime, so for now I'd say $30.

  3. Are you still selling your Jareth dolls? I'd love to have one for my birthday and I am very interested!!

  4. My email is: Please reply soon! I'd love to have one!!