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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jareth had a ball at the ball

I'm sure we all knew one day I would have to make Ballroom Scene Jareth. This one is special because all of his clothing is removable as per my commissioner's wishes. His other outfit is the Magic Dance one. I basically just sewed velcro onto his clothes since it was the simplest way.

That jacket was annoying to do since it's a fabric that frays so I had to fray-check every edge. And on the back I had to glue many sequins and jewels! You can imagine how much patience one needs to do that, but you know me, I'm very detail-obsessed, so it can't be helped ^_^.

Now when anyone commissions a Jareth, they get a bonus miniature fake peach! (Sorry to those who ordered a Jareth before and didn't get one...I only thought of this a few days ago.)

I'm taking commissions, so send me an email if you're interested and read my COMMISSION INFO HERE. If you're only interested in Jareth, then click here and scroll to the bottom for prices.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love him. I found you through and am so saving up for a ballroom scene Jareth.